Past Presidents

Our presidents from 1945 to present



Year President
1945 Alfred Edmond Robinson
1946 Robert John Sinclair
1947 John St. Clair Harvey
1948 John Foster Robinson
1949 John Rodney Rupert Scull
1950 Harold Maurice Corner Hosegood
1951 Mark Whitwill
1952 Philip Vaughan Roberts
1953 Tom Fielden Hood
1954 Reginald Verdon Smith
1955 Christian Merrett Stock
1956 Philip Napier Robinson
1957 Hugh Charles Innes Rogers
1958 The Duke of Beaufort
1959 Cyril Frank Uwins
1960 Richard Hill
1961 Thomas Denner Corpe
1962 Thomas Lloyd Robinson
1963 George Edward McWatters
1964 George Henry Ross Goobey
1965 Tom James Hood
1966 John Henshaw Britton
1967 Charles Henry Kinnersley
1968 Paul Robinson
1969 George Morey Tricks
1970 John Vemon Wills
1971 John Gordon
1972 The Earl Waldegrave
1973 Kenneth Alfred Leader Brown
1974 John Sutcliffe Camm
1975 John Osbome Gough
1976 William Nicholas Hood
1977 Timothy Christian Merrett Stock
1978 John Charles Tolmie Harvey
1979 Simon John Douglas Awdry
1980 Christopher Wilson Thomas
1981 Colin Ramsay McCay
1982 David Cuthbert Tudway Quilter
1983 Anthony Leonard Robinson
1984 Julian Cecil Somerville Mills
1985 Hugo Huntington-Whiteley
1986 Anthony Richard Wynniatt Eve
1987 Charles Humphrey Cridland Densham
1988 Stuart Morrison Andrews
1989 Christopher John Leon Moorsom
1990 William Arthur Waldegrave
1991 Timothy Ritchie Thom
1992 Robert Edward John Bemays
1993 Nicholas Gordon Knibb Hutchen
1994 John Moger Woolley
1995 Peter Ryan Cridland Densham
1996 Sir Richard Gaskell
1997 David John Marsh
1998 Andrew Robert Thomhill
1999 George Edward Cedric Lankester
2000 Charles Nigel Sommerville
2001 Kenneth Tim Pearce
2002 Peter McIlwraith
2003 Cullum McAlpine
2004 Charles John Calcroft Wyld
2005 David John Cryer
2006 Tom Angus Hood
2007 Grant Stephen Watson
2008 John Howard Newman
2009 Guy Stobart
2010 Michael James Henry
2011 Julian Telling
2012 Hugh Beresford Coakham
2013 Susan Darwall Smith
2014 Robert Drewett
2015 Mark Hill
2016 Alastair Currie
2017 Nick Cryer
2018 David Powell
2019 Mark Mason
2020 Jackie Cornish


What we’ve been up to

Find out more about how we’ve been making a difference.

Young at Heart Club

The Young at Heart Club recently enjoyed a visit from the Brigstowe Band.

The Harbour

Bhupinder recently visited The  Harbour, meeting with the CEO Natasha to find out more about their work.   She learned how their specialist counselling supports the mental wellbeing and independence of older people in Bristol.  Bhupinder says “After visiting The Harbour I now understand  better how your specialist counselling service supports the mental well-being of older people […]

Chinese Community Wellbeing Society

Our President Bhupinder recently  visited  the  Chinese Community  Wellbeing Society’s educational seminar  on health issues followed by a healthy lunch. Bhupinder says “It was an inspiring event.  It was good to meet the helpers serving the meals, board members and to see the Chair and  voluntary translators  interacting with the participants. It was a very useful and […]

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