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President's Welcome

Dear Friends

Nick Cryer, President 2017
Nick Cryer, President 2017

The Grateful Society is a Bristol charity which supports elderly people within the city and surrounding area. Whilst our support is primarily financial, we do also take time to regularly interact with our service providers to ensure that the funding we provide is properly used to the maximum benefit. This is essential when central and local government funding continues to reduce, while the elderly population continues to increase significantly. This cannot be ignored.

The Grateful Society is now in its 259th year and I am very honoured to be its president for 12 months. In my role as President, I have been approached by many organisations who are doing their best with little or no financial support, to make a positive difference to the lives of elderly people. The Society can provide that support. Our theme is to combat loneliness, and the organisations we support are skilful in doing this by organising stimulating group activities or supporting community day centres, many of which would have closed down, if it were not for the help of the Society.

The Society's income relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters. Traditionally our annual appeal lasts for eleven days, ending on the 13th November.

In due course, I will be writing many letters to invite donations towards this year's appeal however, if you would like to make a donation prior to this period, you can contact me via email or, simply click on 'Make a Donation'.

It is appreciated that requests to make charitable donations are increasing however, if you can make a donation, large or small, I and many others will be extremely appreciative of your support.

Nick Cryer
President 2017