Direct grant case study

Let’s Walk Bristol

With the financial support of The Grateful Society, Let’s Walk Bristol offers a Nordic walking programme for older adults running at St George’s Park to enhance their mobility, fitness and general wellbeing.

The group covers several communities in inner Bristol with people staying for tea/coffee in the Beehive Centre (the local community centre) afterwards. Feedback from participants suggests that not only do people enjoy the wellbeing benefits of Nordic walking and the pleasure of being in St George Park, but it is developing into a supportive and social group.

In the words of one of the participants:

I took early retirement in January 2023. This was mainly down to the pressures of working in isolation throughout the pandemic, living alone and feeling physically and mentally exhausted. My work was to support young people leaving care, and encompassed all that a parent would do for their children. The Nordic Walking course was a blessing and a gift. Although I am only 63 yrs, I have a hip replacement and a recurring painful shoulder. My aim was to become fitter, with a will to stave off old age. Who knew that the benefit would be so much more! Getting to know each other over the course, we realised how much we have benefitted from learning Nordic walking. Our bodies feel stronger, the group is fun, and there’s a strong sense of support and friendship.