Pill Lunch Club

Pill Lunch Club meets every Thursday for its members (mostly old and some with disabilities) and provides a home cooked lunch and dessert. The club has volunteer drivers who collect members who cannot walk. For some of its members this is the only time in the week that they leave their homes.

Bristol Pakistani Welfare Organisation Women’s Club

This club is aimed at women from all backgrounds over the age of 50+. The club aims to benefit wellbeing, enrich life and reduce the risk of loneliness through a variety of activities and groups including board games, physical activity and cooking.

Nailsea Memory Café

NMC supports people living with dementia and their carers living in and around Nailsea and the northern area of North Somerset through the provision of physical, mental, social activities that help improve their wellbeing. In addition, their carers attend a support group at the same time to share their common experiences. A regular attendee said “It is very frustrating having dementia, but activities here supported by The Grateful Society help. They light our inner candle a bit brighter for a bit longer. Thank you.”

Music in Hospitals

MiH aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people through the healing power of live music. The Charity’s professional musicians share bespoke live music with people in health and care settings across the UK who might not otherwise get to experience it. This includes people living with dementia, mental health problems and serious illnesses. The Grateful Society is helping the Charity realise it’s vision for live music to be an integral and accessible part of health and care for everyone.

Mercy Group – Clifton Cathedral

The Mercy Group supports those with low mood, anxiety, isolation, addiction, low self-esteem, family issues, mental or physical trauma, ongoing or terminal illness, bereavement and all life-affecting issues. Post pandemic the group is concentrating on those who are isolated, particularly the elderly, and provides monthly lunches and afternoon teas as well as visiting at home and staying in regular touch by telephone.

Marmalade Trust

This Bristol based charity is dedicated to raising awareness of and combatting loneliness. It brings companionship and joy to those who would otherwise spend Christmas day alone. The Grateful Society funds the hosting of free lunches for lonely individuals on Christmas day throughout Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire supported by a network of friendly volunteers. One diner commented “It means everything to know someone cares. Without the Marmalade Trust, I wouldn’t have spoken to or seen anyone over Christmas. I am so grateful”

Life Cycle

Life Cycle is primarily a Bristol-based organisation with the mission to transform lives and the environment through cycling. Life Cycle provides a range of cycling support (e.g., Access to discounted bicycles, Cycle Training, Group Cycle Rides, Get Cycling Courses, Bike Mechanic courses) to help people of all ages and abilities to get cycling. The Grateful Society supports it’s Over 55s project for older or isolated people who are looking to join our Wellbeing Café or Group Cycle rides so they can enjoy friendly company.

Let’s Walk Bristol

With the financial support of The Grateful Society, Let’s Walk Bristol offers a Nordic walking programme for older adults running at St George’s Park to enhance their mobility, fitness and general wellbeing. The group covers several communities in inner Bristol with people staying for tea/coffee in the Beehive Centre (the local community centre) afterwards. Feedback from participants suggests that not only do people enjoy the wellbeing benefits of Nordic walking and the pleasure of being in St George Park, but it is developing into a supportive and social group.

Greenway Club, Southmead

The John James Bristol Foundation, the Anchor Society and the Grateful Society fund their Monday Club and a Life Planning Co-ordinator to allow access to vital resources for older people within the community, giving them an opportunity to socialise and seek support.

Eastville Park

Eastville Park has become a popular destination for older people to enjoy being part of the Bowls Club and visiting its pop-up cafe. The Bowls Club provides a space where meaningful new friendships can be made for older people as well as providing wellbeing and mental health support and creating opportunities to reconnect with the community.